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New Year Resolution


New Year Resolution

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, it's 2017, and that means making New Year's Resolutions. It’s timeto take inventory of the last year and look at the next twelve months as a chance to start again and re-invent yourself. But, let’s be real, we all make resolutions with a lot of enthusiasm only to break them in a few days or months. Research indicates that 25% of resolutions are broken in the first week. Most gyms meet their targets on the 1st week of January only to have an 80% drop out within the first eight weeks.

Our Health Coaches at Nurture Health Solutions guide you on how to make S.M.A.R.Tresolutions this year which not only look good onpaper but are easy to implement and help you achieve your health goals

Specific –The more specific you are, the better motivated you’ll be to get closer to achieving your goals. Use specific, tangible words in your goals such as measurements and a date by which they will be accomplished.

For e.g.: I will aim to do 10,000 steps a day in the next eight weeks.

Download an app or wear a pedometer to track the number ofsteps you normally walk every day. Build up slowly to reach the 10,000 steps a day target. Aim for an extra 10% or 500-1,000 steps a day. This way you can ease the change into your routine and stick to it, you're also less likely to do yourself an injury by doing too much, too soon.

Here are a few easy ways to increase your step count. Use stairs instead of the elevator and motivate others to do the same. Set a reminder on your phone and take short fitness breaks for two to five minutes every half-hour. Remember “Sitting is the new smoking”. Walk up to your colleague if you have to say something instead of using the intercom. Park your car a little away and walk to the office.

Measurable- It is recommended to measure your progress at regular intervals and take stock of what you’ve accomplished so far to see how well you are progressing towards achieving your health goals.

For e.g.: I will take my measurements every Saturday or I will maintain a daily log of my diet and exercise

Keeping a record of your meals/exercise and monitoring your parameters on a regular basis is the key to giving you the information you need to effectively manage your health.  This will help you understand how well your diet and exercise are working or when to make changesif necessary. This way there are higher chances of you succeeding



“The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting realistic goals and achieving them” OgMandino

Once you’ve decided on a goal, make sure it is achievable and you can achieve it in the time frame that you have set for yourself

For e.g.:I plan to reduce the amount of Carbs I eat at dinner.

Make sure you eat a snack in the evening at 4 p.m. so that you are not ravenous at dinner time. Drink a glass of water ten to fifteen minutes before dinner. Use small plates and bowls. Serve yourself only once. Include a wholesome portion of a salad or an unstrained soup with your meals to cut down onthe carbs.

Another trick is to brush your teeth immediately after meals to avoid cravings.

An easy way to achieve your health goals is to share them with people around you, your colleagues, friends and family members and motivate them to join you in your effort to stick to a healthy diet and workout plan.By doing this, you will take the first step in making your home and workplace healthy and fit

Realistic -Do not punish yourself by setting unrealistic goals. A classic mistake that we see over and over again is to be overzealous and try to change too many things at one time or set a goal which is very difficult to achieve.  Unfortunately, trying to accomplish too many things at once or setting huge targets for yourself is frequently a recipe for failure.  For most people, changing too many aspects of their lives requires an overwhelming amount of willpower, and end up being unrealistic.

An easy way out is to set one goal at a time, and then as you achieve that goal, slowly add more goals. By doing this, there is a higher probability that you will not be disappointed. .

For e.g.: I want to run a marathon next month. This can be unrealistic as running a marathon needs many months of training.

Start by walking and then gradually fit in short bouts of runs. Once you are comfortable, start running a 5k,then graduate to a 10k and half marathon and then aim for the full. Make sure to seek professional guidance for building up your endurance.


If you don’t make time for your goals, you’ll never accomplish them – it’s as simple as that.  The more time you allocate per day to your goal, the faster you’ll achieve it.

Rather than leaving it to chance, I recommend scheduling a specific time every day for your goal. Try onworking on your goals first thing in the morning as you are sure to complete it. If you can’t find a schedule that works best for you, then any time is a good time. Make sure that you enjoy what you do. It shouldn’t be a chore or just another mundane task. You canpartner with your spouse or a friend to do some fun activity during the weekend e.g.plan an adventure trip :)

Most importantly –“Do not adopt a lifestyle that has an expiry date. Focus on a lifestyle that will last forever”

Wishing you and your dear ones a very Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2017:)