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Choose your Poison Wisely


Choose your Poison Wisely

We all know that alcohol and weight loss aren’t exactly good partners, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay away completely!All alcoholic drinks contain calories, which your body needs to burn off.  And our bodies prioritise alcohol over all other ‘macronutrients’ (protein, fat and carbs) because, unfortunately, it is a poison – and our liver needs to get rid of it! Due to this, any food we eat while drinking alcohol will have a much higher chance of being stored as fat.


·         Do not eat high fat, high calorie snacks while drinking! Instead try healthy options like carrot cucumber sticks or roasted chana.


  • Also, when we drink alcohol, our metabolism slows down, so our fat burning ability is reduced for up to 3 days after a good drinking session!.


·         Limit the number of drinks to 2 or 3 a week, and choose your poison wisely!

          Alcohol consumption is safe if it is consumed in MODERATION.

          Moderation is:

         For men: no more than two drinks per day

         For women: no more than one drink per day

        Over 65: no more than one drink per day


         1 drink equals

      300 ml Beer(5% alcohol) OR

     120ml Wine(12% alcohol) OR

      30ml(40%alcohol)  whiskey/gin/vodka/rum

  • Avoid Cocktails / Mocktails as they are high in calories. A long island ice tea has close to 700 calories.
  • Avoid adding any syrups or aerated drinks to your liquor as they are loaded with sugar.
  •   The best options are red wine (for the anti-oxidants), and clear spirits. You can request a single-shot of clear spirits in water or soda water.
  • This is almost half that of a standard beer or wine .Light or Regular beers are a good alternative to Strong beers, as the calories are reduced to around 100. 
  • If you like white wine, go for dry white rather than sweet. You can add club soda to white wine . This drink is known as a wine spritzer.  You halve the calories by doing this
  • Below mentioned are the calorie counts of some of the popular alcoholic beverages